Fantasy Strike Expo takes place
over the three days of June 2nd - 4th.

It's for tabletop game players and
video game players of various
Sirlin Games such as
Yomi, Codex, and Fantasy Strike.

Thursday, June 1st
We'll unofficially be at the hotel in the
afternoon and evening setting up.
It's ok to hang out with us!

Friday, June 2nd
10am: Yomi (to top 2)
8pm: Pandánte (to top 2)

Saturday, June 3rd
10am: Codex (to top 2)
8pm: Fantasy Strike (to top 8)

Sunday, June 4th
10am: Yomi Grand Finals
11:30am: Pandánte Grand Finals
1:30pm: Codex Grand Finals
4:00pm: Fantasy Strike top 8 and Grand Finals

Let's all get together in...




$110 / night

Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel

Group Code: "FSX"

Fly to: Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Serious or Casual

Yomi and Codex (card games)
and Fantasy Strike (video game)

Yomi has a long history of tournaments, while Codex is our newest card game. Fantasy Strike is still in development, so it's a less serious tournament, but still fun. You can learn to play at the event itself beforehand.

Casual Play

You'll have opportunity to play various Sirlin Games casually. Just bring your own copies and see who wants to play. Who will be the best lying Panda in Pandánte?

You're also welcome to play any other games you bring along.


Fantasy Strike Expo is a fun, socializing event too. Even if you don't enter tournaments, you're welcome to watch and hang out with other fans of our games.